Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 112: Bedoiun Bedfellows

Wandering around in a strangely lawless post-revolutionary society has its challenges of course, but I'll find the silver lining in any situation - I've had many glimpses at ancient monuments, pre-Roman even, and all to myself. The police are gone and the military guard the shoreline... there's general immorality in the towns and when I get frustrated at the young boys throwing rocks at me, the mothers only say boys will be boys and if there are no police to stop them, then that's what they'll do. Every other society I've visited has had the parents stepping up a bit more actively in cultivating their son's behavior. Odd. But the Bedoin families have been taking me in with open hospitality and smiling friendliness under their black face-covering veils. The desert is nice when I can find it and the shoreline duney and tranquil, though absent gulls, seashells, or fishermen. Unexpected. I've passed through Alexandria and am heading toward Cairo visiting the oldest Christian sites I've seen. Otherwise, lots of date palm farms and fig orchards and noisy tuk-tuks careening along sand roads. Computers are hard to find... I'll look again in Cairo in a short week or so. Safe and sound and occasionally up to my ankles in da Nile =)


Sheila Phelan Wright said...

SO good to hear from you! Been checking often, but figure thee's not an internet cafe and Starbucks at every turn. Glad the Bedouins are taking you in. Sorry about 'the kids will be kids.' Stay safe and stay yourself. Hugs

Amy R said...

I find myself wondering and checking to see if you've posted an update...good ol' internet.

So very nice to read your lines. I think having boys throw rocks at you sounds awful though, and a scarier than you're saying.

Praying for you, and for all you meet.

Amy R said...

...and a LOT should have read.

Mina Mahrous said...

Where are you in Egypt now? I would love to meet up with you :)
email me on minasameh89(at)

your are kind of living my dream :) I walked el camino de santiago and would love to do more hikes from that type. and i thought of a pilgrimage from Palestine to upper Egypt (the route that the sacred family has taken when they left Palestine when Jesus was a baby :)

Stay Safe and Buen Camino :)

ksam said...

I have to agree, the boys throwing stones does sound a bit more scary than your letting on here. Sad too to read the kind of reaction from the parents. I honestly thought that sort of hands off was only here at home in the US. Or perhaps it's nice to see it ain't just us, with lazy parents on occasion. Upping the prayers for safety and a great journey.

Anonymous said...

Anna, glad you are safe and walking the Nile.

About the boys will be boys...that explains a lot, doesn't it? Glad you are being taken care of by families. You sure a living large! Best wishes for a very safe is yet to come? Miss you round here, Nadja