Friday, June 15, 2018

Arrived as Planned

I really did arrive at the Basilica of St Martin, in Tours, France as planned on 31 March after a fantastic 5 months of walking 5,126 kilometers (=3,185 miles).  I love being a pilgrim!  I met many wonderful people, stayed in majestic old monasteries and churches as well as in places found in small communities and family homes.

As anticipated, it was hugely difficult to find places from which to update my blog.  Countless hours were spent in the attempt, despite the pitifully few opportunities for successes.  I've got some busy travels coming up this summer but will endeavor to find a solution to make the blog function efficiently.

I appreciate the comments and interest from everyone.  The world needs more pilgrims.


jimandy said...

Glad to hear it! I can remove your name from the R.I.P. list ­čÖé

pilgrimpoustinik said...

Thanks for the final report An adaptation of Jeremiah might be "foolish is he who trust's in man('s technology)." Continued blessings. PG

Victoria Sajoux said...

Ann el recuerdo de un caf├ę que compartimos en Cusco y tu relato de ser peregrina a├║n me conmueve. Bendiciones y que tu camino siga rodeado de bien. Un abrazo desde Argentina. Victoria.

GeraldSparks said...

Scrapping the snow and ice off the car with a scrapper would cause damage if done wrong, but a little finger painting shouldnt affect it at all. If it did, then most of us would have damaged cars.