Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Greetings from the Black Forest

One day last week, walking in falling snow on a quiet path through forests and fields, I crossed a small wooden footbridge over an swiftly flowing unmarked stream and hardly took note.  When I reached the next village, I studied a map posted in a open-air information kiosk between the church and village hall while I ate a partly frozen clementine.  The humble stream was the great Danube River.  From the delta to the omegas, the sluggish oxbows the drain collectively in the snowy Black Forest, I have walked the length of the Danube.  I reached the official source the day before yesterday and got a stamp in my book.  Including my little deviations to visit other places of interest on my pilgrimage to St Martin, my journey has so far taken me 3,681 km.

Onward to other places important to his story - Strasbourg, Worms, Trier, and Amiens... I'm easily on target to reach Tours for Easter...
   (...and it's nearly impossible to find a computer these days to update this blog - the blogging culture as evolved in the 11 years I've been a pilgrim...)


Tizz said...

Yours is my favorite blog on the internet Ann, my favorite of all time. I was just writing that to friends and thought, "Well I need to tell the author that too!" I long to be a pilgrim but I am currently trapped inside by some kind of unknown fear. Yet I make steps daily to walk through my door. Once I do I don't think I'll be back soon. My son disappeared two years ago. I was able to look for him for weeks, out daily. Fear for him was much bigger than whatever keeps me trapped, But eventually the cage slammed shut again. I have a long-term plan to go and find him if he doesn't return in 2019. Every day I push against this fear and eventually it will let go again. Meanwhile I love reading your words. I love how you included all sorts of details that make me feel like I'm there too. With you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from or about Ann since February 21???