Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi Ann,

I met you on the road just after you left Tolé, I was on my bicycle.

I wish you a beautiful trip further on and I really think you are doing an amazing trip, which I have told the whole world I have met about :) 

Keep strong out there and enjoy every footstep, soon you will be in Mexico City... 

I have attached the photos I took. 

Best regards,
David Larsen



gracefilled fool said...

glad you are back on the trail... prayers are answered to know that you are well and photos to prove it. Continue to be safe and be well.

Michèle Dextras said...

Photos! Thank you David Larsen! Now I can picture you Ann as I read your blog. Very happy to see that you are well. You look cool in that neat skirt!

Diana Rojas said...

Anita que rico que encuentres personas maravillosas en tu peregrinación...Gracias a David por compartirnos las fotos son muy valiosas. Anita Dios te siga bendiciendo.
Hna Diana Marcela

ksam said...

Lovely to have visual confirmation that your out there and heading north and most importantly, looking well!!

Anonymous said...

Mexico! Ole!
What a feat in the heat!
I'll be in Cancun for almost 3 weeks starting on July 29th. I'm helping a friend on a hydroponics project combined with teaching English. Unlike you, we'll retire each nite to my friend's timeshare for COOL cocktails, pool & air. Wish we could meet up!!!
Hasta luego in Denver! Andrea