Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 241 And the pilgrimage resumes!!

My detention was the cause of the long delay of this post, so it wasn't my fault.  Well, in fact, it was my fault, but it was unintended.  I've had a time of it.  In summary, the few days it took to cross the famed Darien Gap were a small adventure compared to the 19 days I spent detained in the system.  I spent my time productively and wrote about it in detail.  Unfortunately for the reader, the resumption of my pilgrim life gives me only limited computer time, so the story will be in installments for a short time.  It's all written, I didn't think to bring along an executive assistant to do the word processing duties, so give me a few days.  All is well.  I'm happy.  Free with the stipulation that I remove myself from Panama by the end of the month.  I promise to have the full story uploaded before then.

Buen Camino!
(Kids, don't try this at home.)

Crossing the Darien Gap

(How not to do it)

Rumba en la Jungla
Down one river...
...and up another

Into the Colombian Darien
Out of the Panamanian Darien

Military Post 1 - Paya
Military Post 2 - Boca de Cupe
Military Post 3 - Meteti

Chapter 4: Hell's Beauty Salon
Sweet Smell of Freedom


Anonymous said...

Guess we should call off the state department goons. Congrats on your freedom. I always new you were a spy. Much love heading your way.

Babs said...

Glad you're safe and sound. Still wishing you'd hear me saying "WWBD?" sometimes!

Anonymous said...

We should all have this experience and know what it's like for the Mexicans going north...But they get sent back.

Pilgrimage teaches us much.


Sheila Phelan Wright said...

think my comments end up in some black hole somewhere, but I'm just re-reading this crazy adventure.

Those fashionistas must have committed som pretty big sins to have been put on a trail the likes of which you describe.
And the mosquito attacks! Hope they've left your psyche alone. We're with you.

Diana Marcela Rojas Ramirez said...

Anita en silencio y oración contemplo tu aventura... la verdad me sorprendio hoy ver ese apunte de que estuviste detenida... pero bueno es un experiencia más y tu sabes que Dios te va haciendo camino te recuerdo inmensamente soy la religiosa Diana Marcela rojas la que te dio la tau franciscana que vive en Cartago Colombia Valle ... espero me recuerdes ... Dios te proteja

Anonymous said...

Can other people open: Chapter 3: Would Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On?
Military Post 1 - Paya
Military Post 2 - Boca de Cupe
Military Post 3 - Meteti

I get a "page does not exist" message ...