Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 45 ...and long walks on the beach

How long is a long walk on the beach?  I've been going well over 200 kms on the beach since leaving Valparaiso six days ago, sometimes in the lapping surf, sometimes among the dunes, sometimes arriba over the rocky cliffs... the noisy sea lions, squawky pelicans, flitting and chatty oystercatchers and clamdiggers keeping me fine company, along with a few surferboys owning the enormous waves.  The weather's been perfect for this long walk on the beach with constant cloudcover keeping the sun off my face for the time being allowing my nose and cheeks to peel back to the standard pink.  (Little kids still point and cry out "Mama, mira! una rubia!")

I made a command decision this morning to continue along the coast as the desert begins to overtake the verdant vegetation of the south.  I chose against an interior route that's just as deserty and away from the coolness of the coastal winds but that has more villages for nighttime support.  The coast, which I always adore, has very few villages and uncomfortably widely spaced.  I'll be picking up speed a bit.  Heading now for La Serena, dating from 1544, it's the first town settled by the Spaniards - 13 years after the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico.

No one's asked to take photos with me lately, so no updates there... I'll find opportunitites to ask.
Happy Halloween!


Sheila Phelan Wright said...

Your pacee leaves me breathless just reading about it. Ocean waves surging in NJ right now and along the east coast.Full moon showing her power on the tides.Hope Mother Nature is being kinder to you. Stay hallowed.

Susan Alcorn said...

What a brave and inspiring soul you are. My best wishes for continued beauty, safety, and well being.

Anonymous said...

Say hello to the South Pacific Ocean for me!

We're in the middle of an Indian Summer spell, with incredible sunsets.

Happy All Saints Day!

jimandy said...

BEAUTIFUL day in Denver at 74; I was walking & thinking of you. My computer screen says it's 63 in La Serena - always following you! Vaya con Dios! Agnes

ksam said...

Glad your ocean is taking it easy! Lost track of tracking you due to the storms here in NJ! Loving catching up.