Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 55: Happy Thanksgiving

Searching for the answer here in Almeria, Spain, I stopped in at the church of Santiago to seek guidance from the priest. Kind man he is but has little to offer in terms of advice for a pilgrim to Jerusalem. What he said, though, made my arm hairs stand on end: 'when I need to think hard for a solution, I think first of St Jerome.' Geronimo! I'm sitting going through the possibilities over caffe con leche and churros... where will St Jerome fit into the picture?

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans =)

Next post will include the revised plan.


Anonymous said...

If it helps, go to the travel/motorcycle website "HorizonsUnlimited". Then the HUBB, their forum. Then go to "Sahara Travel Forum" and if you look around there, you'll find info which I think may be of use to you.

Anonymous said...

As I bite my nails,I look forward to your perfect solution to this slightly bigger hiccup! Bon sorti, ma chere amie! The gang that meets at Tony's!

Sheila Phelan Wright said...

Oh, yes, a bit more than a hiccup. But you'll come up with further intrigue, I am sure.
Gave thanks for your safety yesterday..and your friendship. Can't wait to hear the next plan. Geronimo, indeed.