Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nice Time Walking in the Rain

Rolling thunder makes a nice soundtrack across the heartland.  The three of us began our pilgrimage from Mound City, Kansas on Monday and now on Saturday have reached Clinton, Missouri, 81 miles east: three days in breezy sunshine and two days in pouring rain.  Angus cattle watch us as we walk along the gravel roads, some horses, too; friendly pet dogs follow us. A graceful owl swooped by one afternoon, all sorts of other birds...even in the rain, it's a pleasant, peaceful walk.

We've been warmly received every night, and being a group of only three pilgrims, we've been invited into homes several nights - that means high comfort for pilgrims.  Third night out, a hamlet was happy to open the community center for us, being easier to facilitate than trying to get permission from the committee of elders who could authorize our using the community church. The liquor store rounds out the offerings of the place. The community center works well for pilgrims.

Another day also ended without a town in range, but an old Presbyterian church sitting in a field served us well. A vintage outhouse in the yard out back gave some authenticity to our tribute to St Rose Philippine. A neighbor provided some drinking and wash water, and added a cooking burner with a pot so we could cook a hot meal for a simple evening.  A few church members came by after our meal, expressing genuine  enthusiasm that their well maintained church with its long-standing member families could serve us so perfectly. Pilgrims are welcome.

We've walked by a parcel of high-grass prairie, seen the world's smallest tombstone, and passed through the 'baby chick capital of the world'. Pilgrimland rocks.


David Von Drehle said...

Congratulations on making it to Clinton. Smooth sailing ahead on the Katy Trail. We've thought of you often during these rainy days. Onward! The Von Drehles

Unknown said...

Thank GOD! St. Philippine will guide you.

Michael Martin

pilgrimpoustinik said...

Christ is risen! Glad you are safely back in the States. I was in Egypt from November 24 to December 13 on pilgrimage (by car) to the monasteries and shrines to the Holy Family. Tomorrow (May 1) I start writing up my autobiography, hoping to complete it in ten months. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Blessings! Pilgrim George PS I did an hour and half interview in Egypt with CYC which is now on Youtube in three parts under "Pilgrim George Walter."

Unknown said...

United with you in prayer as you walk.
Maureen Glavin, rscj

Nana Pam said...

Enjoying these posts. Tell Jim Adams (my predecessor as religion writer/editor at the St. Louis-Post-Dispatch, and later my editor) that I am amazed at his persistence! I can't imagine how soggy recent days have been on the path. I didn't understand the part about the companions walking more than Ann. Don't all three of you walk together?
Prayers that a warm wind- the breath of Philippine - will be at your back for the remainder of your inspiring

Pam Schaeffer, member of the PD bicentennial planning committee

Samantha said...

I am fairly certain you walked passed my house today (may 7th) in Columbia, MO. I was in my front yard and waved and said Hello. I wanted to offer you a bottle of water but was afraid of scaring you. My southern hospitality hasn't exactly been appreciated by some since moving to the Midwest. Anyways, through a random Facebook post by a friend here in COMO I came across your blog and wanted to apologize for not going with my gut!

KB said...

My friend and I met you today at the Dutzow deli and found more about your life as a pilgrim after you left to secure your next accommodations at St Ignacious church. We spoke with your friends and I am amazed at your life and dedication.... one truly can do anything you put your mind to with God on your side. Hope the last few days of your journey are with warm and dry! More wine country to come tomorrow.