Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 86 Finally some snow

My travels around the north shore of Lake Huron - actually more along the Georgian Bay - has been in part on snowshoes -- as the photos suggest -- yeah!  I've been following a fair number of snowmobile trails, and conveniently there's really not enough snow for them to be officially open to snowmobiles.  By sticking to the back-country, I've enjoyed some solitude and beauty but haven't even seen the tracks of the wolves people with expressions of great horror warn me of.  Happily, I've at least seen a few moose.

Hosts and other people I encounter continue to be kind, and I've been with the three general groups of collocated communities - general English-speaking Canadians, French-speaking Canadians, and First Nation folks, one fun evening being welcomed for accommodation in one of the Elder Homes of the Serpent River band.  Every day is new and adventurous, a few bitterly cold days, some fluffy snow days, but no harsh storms.

Pushing for the Martyrs' Shrine in Midland, the northeastward into deeper snow.... more soon...


Michèle Dextras said...

So happy it is going well. I thought of you a lot on those bitterly cold days. Keep going!

pilgrimpoustinik said...

Ann, Peace in Jesus the Lord! Your pilgrimage is more than half over. Can you believe it? In two months (God willing) you will be at your destination, St. Ann's, your special patroness. Through her intercession may your next eight weeks be safe and blessed. In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pilgrim George