Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 129 Arrived in Rome!

...and not much time on the computer at the moment, but just to say I've gotten here on a glorious sunny day after dawdling just a tad in gorgeous Umbria and other parts of the Italian interior - all those medieval hilltop villages that didn't make any guidebooks because they're too difficult to reach and cannot accommodate cars or busses - well, I passed through dozens of them following quiet old roads as much as possible, crossing olive groves with families out pruning and picnicking... a start contrast to when I arrived for Easter on my first long walk: 2 weeks of cold pouring rain then...

...more soon
thanks everyone who helped and encouraged me during these last four and a half months.

     .....this pilgrimage is over, sad but inevitable, but I anticipate spending my 'off-season' helping and guiding other pilgrims wherever they may want to go, and when the weather cools in autumn, I'll surely start off again... where to - eh?  I think I'll visit our friends to the north and walk from Denver to the Basilica of Ste Anne de Beaupré in Quebec, Canada's impressive pilgrim destination.


Jadwiga Pribyl said...

Congratulations! :) We'll be in Rome tomorrow afternoon, please call my mobile after 4 pm. We have a couch for you until April 7th if desired.
Can't wait seeing you again

Michèle Dextras & Jean-Claude Barre said...

If you do go to Ste Anne de Beaupré in Québec and I am in Canada, I will meet you there!

Kym said...

Congratulations Ann. I am sad your journey has come to an end and would love to know more about your adventures along the way. Enjoy Rome. And thank you for sharing once again. Love and blessings, Kym.

James Suntum said...

Congratulations! Were you able to get the tickets for which you were hoping? We both know you wouldn' t believe it' s I if I didn't ask a question! I hope your stay in Rome becomes a fitting capstone to a wonderful pilgrimage! Holy Week blessings! Jim, SF

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! and thanks to God and His Angels. people in Poland think abut you and we are very happy that you made it! hope you got your tickets :)
many blessings for this Holy time.
Iwona, Ela and Anna Panasiuk

Amy R said...

Honestly, I hadn't checked in here for a while...it's Good Friday, and I thought, "Where's our Winter Pilgrim these days?.


Happy, blessed Triduum & Easter.

day trips from rome said...

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Nadja said...

Dear Anna - Blessing from the Colorado Ukrainian Language MeetUp group--we'd love to hear from you!! It's June already so I've no idea where little feet may have taken you by now...we miss you, come and do a program for us here in Denver! Be safe!

peter said...

Congratulations! I arrived in Jerusalem a week or so after you finished walking, in time for the Orthodox Holy Week.

I'll be watching your progress come autumn -- I'm in the Toronto area, and would love to meet up with you.