Saturday, May 10, 2014

Almost OK

Long stretches of the dusty, nearly-empty highway and lonelier, emptier train line require little focus as I take the last few steps in the windy state of Kansas.  The terrain and vegetation also fail to require much alertness, and the heat has kept the snakes, rodents, and even most of the birds in some shady slumber somewhere out of my view.  The challenge has been to find the side of the grain elevators that shield me from both the wind and the sun at the same time.

After nearly 500 miles to cross one state, and unnoticeably ascending about 2,000 feet of elevation, I'm ready for the few days it will take to nip across the corner of Oklahoma's panhandle to get ready for the challenge of a near-completely unpopulated few hundred miles in eastern New Mexico, ever closer to the goal.

It's looking like early in the last week of May will be my estimated arrival at the Santuario.


Michèle Dextras said...

Bonne continuation Anne. Take care and be careful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anne. There haven't been posts for a bit so I hope you are alright in the early heat. I met you in Canton where I was staying with my cousin - as did you one night. You have been on my thoughts and prayers. All the best, Pattie

Bruce said...

Just received word in church here in Rolla about WP finding shelter from a family in New Mexico who weren't going to be home until 10pm, but she should just "make yourself at home!" That would have been thursday or friday night, 5-15 or -16. That she hasn't found internet available this week shouldn't surprise.