Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another and Yet Another

While my resolution to be a more consistent blogger hasn't proved effective, I have been off a-pilgriming.

A charming, respectful, and delightful group of of high school seniors from Bishop Machebeuf Catholic High in Denver met me (with their chaperones) on the Southern Ute town of Ignacio last weekend and we walked a total of 113 miles of the Old Spanish Trail.  This is the trail I explored in January and now took to the next level of testing as a proper Camino to Santiago.  Despite the expected assortment of blisters, a positive experience all around, and we even had the pilgrim bonus of meeting someone along the way who spontaneously joined in... always carry an extra credenciale for such an event.

Today, I'm beginning the journey to St Louis where the Annual Gathering of the American Pilgrims on the Camino will start tomorrow evening.  The gathering of several hundred pilgrims can't not be a good time.  The energy and excitement is mounted as the season waxes.  Another film - Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago - has been released about pilgrims, generating even more interest in the growing pasttime of pilgrimage.

I couldn't help but notice when looking into the Gathering, that the venue of Our Lady of the Snows Shrine is just down the road from Franklin, MO - the eastern terminus of the historic Santa Fe Trail.  Interested in exploring caminos to the Santuario de Chimayo as I am... how fortuitous.  As the Gathering buttons up on Sunday afternoon, I'll begin the new exploratory pilgrimage back to the Santuario.  My hope is to take the Cimarron Cut-Off, highlighted in several Westerns, and return to the Santuario by the end of May.  As usual, I'll try to update the blog with my route and a smattering of adventures every week or so.  With the reputed flatness of Kansas, I've prepared myself for monotony of terrain, but open to be surprised.  I crossed the flat pampas of Argentina last year, how different can it be?


Christiane Quinn said...

Buen Camino, and my doors will be open for you in Columbia, MO

Eloisa said...

Buen camino Ann! I really enjoyed your presentation at the Gathering and, most especially, our conversation on Saturday night. You have an amazing vocation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adventures, and for opening all those caminos for the rest of us.

Camino John said...


I checked and my house is right off the Santa Fe trail. My house is open and look forward to sheltering and feeding a fellow pilgrim.

John in Kansas City

Christiane Quinn said...

Hi Ann, I don't know if you will be able to see this message before New Franklin, but you should call Jackie 573-673-3157. She will open the Historical Society for you on Monday, to show you maps.
Buen Camino.

Stacey Wittig said...

Good to meet you at the American Pilgrims on the Camino gathering in St. Louis. I would love to connect with you once you get back to Chimayo in May. I will watch your blog for updates. I put some phtos up on Facebook and my blog which you may view at
Blessings to you, Stacey Wittig
"I stand at the crossroads..."

Linnea Hendrickson said...

Hello, Ann! I've been meaning to write ever since I received your message to the group that gathered in Abiquiu (which I missed). I would like to connect with you. On Sunday, May 4, I've invited anyone interested in forming a NM chapter of American Pilgrims to meet at my house. You may still be walking by then.