Monday, September 26, 2011

Hours to go...

It's a great feeling when everything is ready to go - I'm checked in to the three flights it will take to get to Madrid - boarding passes are printed, folded, labeled, and tucked in my very worn passport; the boarding pass for the night train to Santiago de Compostela is all prepared, too.  I'm sipping red wine on this lovely warm evening, watching the clock.

Countless times now I've packed and unpacked and got everything just so - a skosh less than 5.5 kilos (=12 teeny little pounds) with plenty of room left over.  (Doh!  I could have gone with a 18-liter pack instead of the 24-liter one I have from my walk to Mexico.)  The 12,000 pilgrim kilometers walked so far have rendered a pretty high packing efficiency.

I got the first of the stamps in my crisp credenziale stating my city of origin (Denver, Colorado, USA) and my personal information, origin, and destination inscribed in Spanish and Arabic.  A new medallion reflects the religiously-neutral palm leaves of peace - made from the lid of a can of tomatoes.

Hair's cut; boots are waxed; flight snacks are packed... soon after I post this blog, I'll be completely unplugged - no mobile phone, no GPS, no computer, nothing requiring electricity.  I think it will be fairly easy to post a blog one a week or so through Spain and likely in Morocco... I'll deal with computer availability in North Africa when I get there.  Five weeks, I estimate to get to the Straits of Gibraltar... and so much to see in Spain, and the journey starts in a matter of hours.


ksam said...

And so do the prayers for a successful Pilgrimage! Buen Camino.

Nell Pilgrim said...

Bonne route,
I look forward to following your journey-yet again.

Margaret Meredith said...

May you have another successful pilgrimage!
Margaret Meredith

Debbie said...

Prayers for a peaceful pilgrimage. Buen Camino!

Compostelle 2008 said...

I am looking forward to reading about your adventure. Peace and tranquility is hopefully waiting for you along the route. Buen Camino!


Anonymous said...

You've spoken of the problems with refugios. Actually, bus loads of tourists cannot use the refugios.

If you wish, and check this out to your satisfaction, you could go more east to the Camino de Madrid,(up to Sahagun) where you will find a trail that attracts only 300 a year (bliss!),is very pleasant and with refugios every 20-30 kms or so. Cost? 0-5 euros. Go to CSJ about this camino if you want online info which you can also print.

You will succeed anyway so buen camino!

MermaidLilli said...

Envious, I am. I will settle for once again reading of your journey. May it be the best yet! LOVE