Sunday, December 19, 2010

Laughable Language Gaffs

I can't be expected to get through the Spanish language without flubs in just 6 weeks, but a few mistakes I have to laugh at myself for...

'¿Tiene hambre?' ('Are you hungry?')
'No, soltera' ('No, I'm single.')

Written, the words hambre and hombre are easy to distinguish, but spoken, it's sometimes very difficult to tell them apart. I usually have hunger, but no man.

'¿Està casata?' ('Are you married?')
'Poco; solo mis pies, verdad.' ('A little, only my feet really.')

Again, listen to the words consada (=tired) and casata and try to tell them apart when you're truly tired. After a few stares and sudden changes in conversation (I thought we were talking about my tired feet, and we've moved on to whether I have a husband...??) and I explored the vocabulary a bit further. Now I've got it.

I'm sure I've made other goofs, but those two I know about. And can laugh out loud!

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ksam said...

Be at peace...those are not too bad. Once in a toast in brother called our dad an old shit instead of the "old boy" ! The stunned silence that great that will be remembered well as the puzzled looks of the non German speakers, looking at our shocked faces!!