Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arrived safe in Juarez

This is the pilgrim in training (pit) reporting Winter Pilgrim has safely crossed the border into Mexico with no problems or conflicts. She doesn't think she will get close to a computer for a awhile and wanted people to know every thing is going well and she has lots of stories to tell. She was spending the night at a convent of retired nuns near Juarez, Mexico.


OHMV said...

Ann, congratulations at crossing the border and best wishes to you. You are very courageous!

ksam said...

Hey pit reporter...thanks! Next'll be posting too.

Sheila Phelan Wright said...

Congratulations! and PIT reporter. . . glad to hear you are still around!
Thanks for the update...what an amazing venture. We wait for more tails of a safe pilgrimage.

Elsa said...

Manteniendo vigilancia de tu peligrinaje. Buena Suerte, mi amiga.