Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pilgrim Caddy

I walk sometimes with a comical image of a pilgrim caddy. Total fantasy, of course, but wouldn't it be funny if a pilgrim were accompanied by a caddy carrying a magical carpet-bag like the one Mary Poppins carried. From it, the caddy could pull cross-country skis, properly waxed, of course, or snowshoes, either the kind for icy snow or powdery... inline skates for those occasions the road is of smooth asphalt... there have been occasions where hipwaders would have been handy... and, well, for me, stilts... It's complete folly - there's no such thing as a pilgrim caddy and there really shouldn't be, but on those long stretches where there's not much variety in the landscape and not much thought required for finding the right path, this is a recurrent thought - what would my trusty Sancho Panzo offer from the magic valise to make the journey a tad more efficient than my worn hiking boots?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Petro and I have been reading your blog. Thinking of you often, and enjoying your stories! I am in Kyiv now, I also did not pack my fur, but I surfe wish I had! Have had to borrow my sister-in-laws fur hat. I leave for Denver on the 20th, after a three week visit. Be safe, look forward to your next blog. Kathi Bender

Anonymous said...


Trek on, trek on furless pilgrim! Love your walking tales.

Vera - Erie

Dan Wright said...

I sometimes fantasize about walking with a pack animal. "It's not backpacking, it's alpac(a)ing."