Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Half Way There...

...not that that matters. I'm enjoying it. More than 1,100 kilometers have somehow passed beneath my feet and I've almost as much diverse and interesting land and culture yet to encounter.

Forty days walking and 30 watercolors to show for it. Three paintings every four days - not a bad output, considering the weather. I'll be sure to post all of them when I can. I'm not counting them, either.

A former pilgrim - a 'jacquard' I've learned the term for the fellas and 'jacquaire' for the ladies - told me of his camera-bearing companion on their pilgrimage from La Puy to St Jacques. He took over 5,000 digital photos of their journey. Compelled to do the math, I worked it out to be 10 photos every waking hour of every day of their walk. One photo every 6 minutes. I could imagine flipping through all of them would be like jogging along with them. However well organized they are afterwards, it would still take 80 hours to view all of them at 1 minute apiece. Maybe that's not the point. Whatever floats your boat.

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